Vote for Man Utd Goal of the Month for August 2022

Vote for Man Utd Goal of the Month for August 2022


Numbers in the box are key to this one. Ethan Williams brilliantly anticipated the cross from Sam Murray, who whipped a ferocious ball right into the danger zone to give the Toffees no chance. Williams’ volley was exemplary and highlighted that if you put yourself in a smart position, you might just score.


Rumours has it if you look up ‘coolness’ in the dictionary, there’s an image of Jadon Sancho sitting Liverpool’s defence down in our recent 2-1 victory. The skilful winger kept calm as our rivals tried to shut him down, but with a magic touch and smart shift of weight, the visitors couldn’t halt him. 


There is something so satisfying about a lethal counter-attacking goal. Raphael Varane’s header set United in motion, but Anthony Martial’s control had to be perfect to send Marcus Rashford away. The Frenchman delivered an incisive pass to Rashford, whose pace gave him time to slot beyond Alisson, sending Old Trafford into euphoria.

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