PPL launches API project with Morning Data partnership

Placing Platform Limited (PPL) and Morning Data have announced that they are working together to explore how to utilise EOS Contract (CDR) Checker to accelerate PPL’s Next Gen platform’s ability to create CDRs through the placement process.

The service, a headless RESTful API, uses an easy-to-implement process to consume, test and respond containing all the data and business rules for the CDR V3.2.

PPL states that the recent release of the MRC v3 in March heralds a new era for brokers to be able to review their operations and data collection and establish both previous gaps and future enhancements.

Joe Gordon, CEO of Placing Platform Limited, commented, “The London Market has been historically tentative about grasping the challenge of data first, and although there is now a real momentum for change.

“Morning Data’s vision and practical, can-do approach will be a further catalyst for driving the pace of change towards a truly digital market. We think alike and we’re delighted to collaborate with Kirstin and her team.”

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Kirstin Duffield, CEO of Morning Data, said, “We have been thrilled that the market has responded so well to the release of the Contract Checker, and placing platforms will be a central focus in helping many brokers and carriers to manage the data they are submitting.

“The fact that PPL, by far the largest of the digital placing platforms, is working with us on this is a major step forward.

‘Data first’ workflow now looks to be within the reach of many more than previously thought with multiple significant players in the market looking at wholesale operational change to meet and exceed these requirements. This really is a seminal moment in the London Market’s history.”

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