Analysis-Harsh reality of ‘higher-for-longer’ rates looms over US stocks

Analysis-Harsh reality of 'higher-for-longer' rates looms over US stocks

Some investors are bracing for further pain as the Federal Reserve’s aggressive attitude raises Treasury yields while slamming stocks. For the majority of the year, equity investors dismissed an increase in Treasury rates as a byproduct of stronger-than-expected economic growth, despite concerns that yields could weigh on equities if they rose too much. These fears … Read more

China’s central bank to use ‘precise, forceful’ policy to bolster recovery

China’s central bank said on Wednesday that it will increase policy changes and implement monetary policy in a “precise and forceful” manner to support an economy that was showing “increasing momentum” in its recovery. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) said in a statement following a quarterly meeting of its monetary policy committee that it … Read more

Asteroid ‘dust, debris’ likely found as returned NASA space capsule opened

NASA scientists discovered “black dust and debris” when they open the space capsule that recently arrived to Earth with the biggest asteroid sample ever brought back from space. According to NASA, “dust and debris on the avionics deck of the Osiris-REx science canister when the initial lid was removed today” were discovered. The space agency … Read more

South Korea hosts Japan, China as US allies try to reassure Beijing

South Korea invited senior Chinese and Japanese officials for a rare trilateral meeting, regarded as an attempt to allay Beijing’s fears about Seoul and Tokyo’s growing security relations with the US and resurrect a long-stalled trilateral leaders’ summit. Seoul has been strengthening ties with the United States and Japan while North Korea conducts regular nuclear … Read more

Russia seeks to rejoin UN human rights council

Russia is seeking re-admission to the United Nations Human Rights Council in an election considered as a litmus test of its international status. It was kicked from of the UN’s top human rights council in April after its military invaded Ukraine. However, Russian diplomats are now attempting to re-elect their nation to the council for … Read more

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