Man Utd defender Raphael Varane shoulders the responsibility for France in World Cup semi-final v Morocco

“We have already had a great competition,” the team’s vice-captain told a press conference in Qatar. “But the initial objective was to win it. We know how difficult it is. We already have the satisfaction of being there, in the semi-finals. Succeeding in being in the last four is already a great performance.

“England was a big test and we had to fight to win. We now have enough experience in the team not to fall into any trap. If Morocco are there, it is not by chance. It is up to us, the experienced players, to prepare the others for battle. Don’t take the easy way out.

“A place in the final is earned. We focus on the objectives but we are aware of achieving something big. Having a great team isn’t everything as we have seen great teams fall in this tournament. We stay focused on what is in front of us.

“We think of the next game. Not after.”

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