Gauff Gives Chair Umpire Career Advice

Gauff Gives Chair Umpire Career Advice

Gauff Gives Chair Umpire Career Advice

By Richard Pagliaro | Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Coco Gauff has faced shriekers, screamers and grunters—and knows a winning sound when she hears it.

Impressed by Jesse Greene’s tone, Coco Gauff offered the chair umpire sound career advice: Pursue a career as a voice actor.

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After muting compatriot Madison Brengle 6-1, 6-3 in Toronto today, Gauff praised the chair umpire as a voice so strong he’d make a great cartoon character.

“You should be a voice actor,” Gauff told Greene as she packed up her racquet bag. “I’m serious. For extra money on the side.

“You sound like a cartoon character—in a good way. You have the most satisfying voice.”

Indeed, someday Greene could rival Kader Nouni, the Barry White of chair umpires, for the mythical title of greatest umpire voice on tour.

In his prime, John McEnroe often urged chair umpires to seek another line of work.

Though as you can see from the video above, McEnroe seldom shared the sort of positive encouragement Gauff gave the chair umpire today.

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