30 fighting days left for Ukraine offensive

According to the senior US military officer, Ukraine has less than 30 days of fighting left before the weather makes it difficult for it to launch a counteroffensive. Colder weather will make it much tougher for Ukraine to maneuver, Gen. Mark Milley said in an interview with the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg program.

He acknowledged that the offensive had progressed slower than anticipated. But he added: “There is still fierce fighting. “The Ukrainians continue to work hard and make steady progress.” Although Ukraine was “progressing at a very steady pace through the Russian front lines,” General Milley said it was too soon to judge whether the counteroffensive had been successful. “The Ukrainians aren’t finished since there is still a respectable length of time left—probably 30 to 45 days’ worth of fighting weather.

30 fighting days left for Ukraine offensive
30 fighting days left for Ukraine offensive

“There are still battles to be fought… they haven’t completed the fighting component of what they’re trying to do.”

The counteroffensive by Kiev, which was started in the summer and aims to free the Ukrainian area under Russian occupation, has so far made only marginal progress.

But according to Ukrainian generals, they have managed to get beyond Russia’s powerful southern first line of defense.

I said at the outset of this [war] that it would be lengthy, sluggish, difficult, and fatality-producing, and that’s exactly how it has turned out, according to Gen. Milley.

UK Chief of Defence Staff Adm Sir Tony Radakin stated “Ukraine is winning and Russia is losing” in the same interview.
“That’s because Russia wanted to enslave Ukraine and take control of it,” he explained.

“That has not occurred and will not occur, and for that reason Ukraine is winning.”

Having reclaimed 50% of the territory Russia had taken over, he said, Ukraine was making strides in its fight to reclaim its land.

30 fighting days left for Ukraine offensive

According to him, Russia is suffering as a result of the international community’s “economic pressure and diplomatic pressure” on Ukraine.

Adm. Radakin claimed that Vladimir Putin’s connection with North Korea reveals his “state of desperation” as the Russian leader.

He claimed that the connections between the two nations demonstrated how few allies Russia still had.

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, is allegedly planning a trip to Russia this month to meet with Vladimir Putin to discuss weapons.

According to reports, the two leaders will talk about whether Moscow should receive weapons from North Korea to help it combat the Ukrainian conflict.

Both Washington and Seoul are worried about what North Korea would receive in exchange for an arms agreement, which could lead to more military cooperation between the two nations in Asia.

According to Adm. Radakin, the partnership was “a reflection of the catastrophic error that Russia made by invading Ukraine.”

Additionally, he added, it was a mirror of the circumstances inside Russia.

30 fighting days left for Ukraine offensive

You must consider that sanctions are having a stronger impact and that [Russia’s] economy is under pressure. It does not have a large number of foreign partners.

“It has lost 500,000 citizens who have left the nation. More than a million people want to leave the country, at least.

He stated that it was difficult to find enough supporters for the war.

When asked if the US military would serve a commander-in-chief who was incarcerated, Gen. Milley responded that the US military’s commitment was “to the constitution” in reference to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump, who aspires to represent the Republican Party in the 2024 presidential election, is accused of a number of crimes and faces the possibility of going to prison if found guilty.

“We take our oath to a document, the constitution of the United States of America,” he declared.

So regardless of who holds the White House, we will always uphold that constitution.

He declared that the military would abide by any legitimate commands issued by the president of the United States who has been legitimately elected.

When he retires in a few weeks, Gen. Milley declared he would “run for best grandad” and ruled out going into politics himself.

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